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Why Is Radiant Heating Good?

Are you tired of warding off the cold in the winter by bundling up under multiple blankets? Are you losing patience with waiting for the heat to kick in as you shiver? And are you bemused as to why your allergies seem to kick in whenever the heat does?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time for you and your family to look into radiant heating systems. Radiant heaters are an environmentally friendly way to heat a house. Most importantly, radiant heating systems such as underfloor radiant heating warm you up MUCH faster than a traditional heating system would!

Think of radiant heating as the equivalent of standing in a kitchen and feeling the warmth from the hot stovetop all the way across the room. You can imagine how that would feel spread out over an entire house.

Radiant Heating Systems

Here is a look at some types of radiant heating systems to consider for your home:

Underfloor radiant heating is the most common type of the radiant heating systems, though there are some variations, as listed below.

Hydronic radiant floors. If you are living in a cold weather climate, this is the choice for you. The heat comes via the hot water that is pumped from a boiler through the tubing beneath the floor that has been laid out. Homeowners have the option of controlling the temperature in different rooms by monitoring how the water flows through each of the tubing loops. While there is no set cost for this
installation—it depends on, among other things, the location and size of the home—hydronic radiant floors are a popular and inexpensive choice.

Radiant panels. Mounted on walls and/or ceilings, these aluminum-based panels are a versatile option. Their heat can be generated via electricity or with tubing carrying hot water. While the electric heat is expensive, radiant panels have an advantage in that they warm up very quickly, so homeowners can still potentially save on both cost and energy.

No matter which option a homeowner chooses, radiant heating systems will provide him or her several benefits, from better efficiency to a drastically increased comfort level. Minimizing the amount of moving air cuts down on flare-ups for those battling allergies. If wintertime heating is a challenge for you, look into radiant heating systems such as underfloor radiant heating today!

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