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Are Sump Pumps Necessary?

“Are sump pumps necessary?” This is a question most people fail to ponder until they absolutely have to—and by that point, it’s often too late. Sump pump installation can save homeowners an invaluable and immeasurable amount of time, money and heartache.

Think of sump pump installation as an additional layer of insurance for your house and family. There are few things more demoralizing for a homeowner than walking into a flooded room and beginning the task of cleaning it.  Inevitably, a family will be throwing out valuables that were damaged beyond repair by the flood. Plan ahead—don’t wait until a big storm to realize you want and need a sump pump installation.

Installing a sump pump is a time-consuming and complicated task best handled by a professional. However, there are plenty of things you can do in advance of bringing someone in that will make the actual installation faster and smoother. Begin preparing now by following these tips:

Decide if you want a backup sump pump. It’s a good idea to invest in one of these, because what good is a sump pump reliant on electric power if the electricity goes out? A battery backup sump pump is a popular choice among homeowners, but the batteries on these sump pumps are only good for a few hours at a time and their effectiveness dwindles with every usage.

A propane-powered sump pump backup, on the other hand, can come equipped with an automatic starter, which would obviously eliminate any concern you’d have upon not being home—or even being far from home—when the power goes out during a heavy storm.

All that said, the most effective and efficient backup sump pump is a water-powered one that runs on the water pressure your house generates. This means, even if the power goes out, you won’t have to worry about your basement or other rooms getting flooded. And the “natural” method of powering the sump pump means it will operate at top efficiency for years and years to come—no need to worry that its potency will diminish each time you have to use it.

The weather seems to be getting more extreme by the year, and recent hurricanes have caught too many along the East Coast off-guard. But heavy, record-setting rains don’t have to create property damage issues. Sump pump installation will buy you comfort and peace of mind that is priceless protection for you and your family. You may think you don’t need it, but one flood is one too many and you’ll never know how frustrating it is to try and “dry vac” a room, until you’re in the middle of doing it. Sump pump installation is a must for any homeowner!


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